Texas Holdem is by far the most popular type of poker game.  If you’ve ever had the chance to come into contact with a card game, you’ve most probably heard of this version.  If you’re interested in free poker online, you’ll surely have no problem finding an online site where you can play Texas Holdem.  This version of poker is most commonly encountered during the World Series of Poker tournament.  Still, it’s worth knowing that Texas Holdem isn’t the only type of poker game you can play – there are many different versions you can have a go at.  Especially for you, we’re going to take a look into other poker variants.  Because who knows, it might turn out that the most popular version of poker, Texas Holdem, isn’t actually for you and you may find a different poker game more appealing?


Omaha Poker – the devil is in the details

When surfing the net for free Texas Holdem games you may accidentally stumble upon a page with Omaha poker.  Although the names may not indicate any resemblance to each other, both games, in fact, are connected in many ways. So if you’re an amateur of the classic Texas Holdem game, you can easily turn to playing Omaha.  And we bet that you’ll like it.  So what should you know about Omaha Poker?

The rules of Omaha Poker are very similar to those of Texas Holdem, of course with some minor differences.  First of all, in Omaha Poker, each player receives four cards face down at the start.  When players reach the showdown (the end of the game), two face down cards together with three community cards are used to make the player’s best hand.  What’s more, up to nine players can sit at the table.

Draw Poker

Despite its popularity, Texas Holdem is not the easiest poker game out there.  And this is exactly why less experienced card game players usually opt for a different poker variant other than Texas Holdem.  If you ask anyone if they’ve ever played poker and you get the answer: “only when on vacation in my youth” (and especially with friends on camp), you can be sure that they were playing draw poker.  This variation is the most widespread among young people.

What is draw poker all about?  First of all, there are no forced bets in this variation.  In return, everyone is must place a small amount (of cash or chips) in the pot before the cards are dealt (this is called an ante).  After buying-in, players are dealt five face down cards to start with.  The player sitting directly to the left of the dealer (or croupier) starts the first round.  The action continues similarly as with a Texas Holdem round with the difference that there are no small and big blinds.

What does this mean?  Players decide in turns whether they enter the game or fold.  After the first round, they can swap up to four of their own cards from the deck.  The dealer then draws new cards from the deck.  What’s important here is that the first player to the left of the dealer acts first.  Once every player swap any number of cards, the second and last round of the game begins.  Afterwards, the showdown begins, which marks the end of the game.

As you can see, draw poker – unlike other variants – is a game of little difficulty.  Thanks to its level of simplicity, even young players and beginners are able to master it.


Seven-Card Stud 


Not too long ago it was the Seven Card Stud poker game that was the most popular among poker aficionados.  But as it usually happens, human preferences change over time, so the Seven Card Stud had to step aside to Texas Holdem, the new “king of poker”.  Nevertheless – if you claim to be a professional and like boasting about your knowledge of poker in the company of others – it’s then worth knowing something about this less popular game.  What makes Seven-Card-Stud stand out from the rest?  How do you play it?

First of all, the Seven-Card-Stud game can be played by up to eight players.  Every player is dealt three cards – two of them are face down and the third one is face up, visible to everyone.  This is followed by the first betting round.  Unlike Texas Holdem, there aren’t any blinds in Seven-Card-Stud, but you will encounter them during the bring-in.  The player showing the lowest card must place a forced bet to start the bidding.  If cards of the same value appear and there is a tie, the winner is determined by comparing the suits of the highest cards  (ranking order, ascending: clubs, diamonds, hearts and spades).

Then the players are dealt subsequent cards face up.  This time, the player holding the highest hand of cards starts the bidding.  In the end, every player is dealt one card face down, followed by the fifth and final betting round.  The game (and the pot on the table) is won by the player who holds the highest hand (consisting of any five of their cards) out of all the seven cards.


Find your poker style

When you start your search for poker games online, surely one of the variations mentioned by us will be the right one for you.  It’s best to try them all – this way you’ll find something that will fully meet your expectations.  At the end of the day, a card game is supposed to be fun – an exciting activity where you can relax and develop your strategic skills.  Poker can teach you valuable lessons about life.