Whether you play poker for fun or if it’s your main source of income, it’s worth doing it well.  First and foremost, the right foundation is needed to be a good poker player so in other words, having the right knowledge is a must in order to succeed.  You’ll read about how to play poker in our previous guides.  If you already have theoretical knowledge, it’s basically time to practice.  However, before this happens, you should be able to answer the question: are you a natural born poker player?  Every poker player must have certain qualities that will make him playable, and above all, bring them closer to victory.

Luck isn’t everything – how to win at poker

It’s worth mentioning here a scene from the famous movie “Rounders”.  The main character’s friend says to him, “I would wish you good luck, but I know your game isn’t about luck”.  Is this really true?  Does pure luck really count in poker?  Or is knowledge and skills more important?  Is chess closer to poker than roulette?  These questions obviously can’t be answered unequivocally.

Poker is without a doubt a game that has something both of random roulette and chess, in which our skills are particularly important.  Nevertheless, luck definitely plays its role here.  Otherwise, weak players who are unfamiliar with the game would very quickly lose in poker and would be discouraged to play it again.  Sometimes however, with a bit of luck they are encouraged to stay longer in the game and therefore need more time to actually have no chance with the professionals and fill theirs and the dealers’ pockets.

For this very reason at the beginning of your journey with poker it’s a good idea to play free poker where learning will not cost you as much as it would in the casino.  Nowadays, there are many places where we can try our best at the game.  Just go online, find the best poker sites and practice your skills.  Because practice makes perfect, and this definitely applies to cards.  Once you are confident with your skills, you can start playing for money.  Otherwise, you will only be a small fish that will soon be caught by better players.

What qualities should a good poker player have?

Regardless of whether you have listened to our advice and if you have opted to play online poker free, or whether you’re planning a trip to the casino, it’s a good idea to check out which traits you should consider having to increase your chances of winning.   Most importantly, you should know that a really good poker player has practically full control over the element of luck.  How is this possible?  To control what is apparently unknown or a mere coincidence, it’s enough to understand the laws of probability.

As a player, you have to know what your chances are, or more precisely – what is the probability – of having, for example, a suit after revealing the last two unknown face down cards.  Making the right decisions is based on your predictions.

That’s exactly what poker is about – making good decisions, winning decisions, no matter what the value is of your hand.

Poker – continuous questions

Playing poker means asking the same, continuous question:  should I fold or maybe go in and bid?  Our luck will depend on this seemingly simple question – and the more accurate answer we give.  It takes a good decision to make a win.  This skill sets good players (sharks) apart from the beginners (fish).  During the entire poker game, good players make a lot more good decisions therefore their pool looks much more impressive than of those who repeatedly risk or simply make bad decisions.

Of course, it sometimes happens that even a good player has an unlucky streak all evening and simply cannot win.  Just as it may happen that the opponent, in spite of his lack of skills and despite all reason and laws of probability, keeps raking in the cash.  Such situations are called poker suckouts.  But remember that in the long run, the weak player virtually has no chance of maintaining a good result.  That is why it’s so important to frequently make the right decisions, to know the rules of poker and understand the laws of probability.

Surely, psychology plays a role here too.  Especially in the case of classic face-to-face poker.  In online poker we have better chances to conceal our emotions and deceive our opponents.  But as the famous card game saying goes, “You don’t play the cards, you play the man”.  It’s always worth remembering this.